The Apartments.

5 Apartments on 3 floors.

First Floor 115sq m2

3 Bedrooms + kitchen dinner +

WC + shower & Bath + 3 balcony + finished in November.

Second Floor 115sq m2

Same as First Floor.

Third Floor 115sq m2

Same as First Floor.

All Double glazed, Fitted ready for air conditioning.

 Ground Floor Please ask for price.

1st Floor

Top Floor Duplex.

Prices on request due to exchange rate varying.

Location: Tuzla Fethiya.

code Fet 20







House and land for sale in need or updating, garden is 645m2 and the house is approx 50 to 60m2.


Location: Uzumlu

code Uzu 98





















Large triplex.

1st Floor: Large living room + Kitchen + WC  + balcony.

2nd Floor: 2 large bedrooms + WC shower + balcony.

3rd Floor: 2 mid size bedrooms + storage.



Location: Calis

code cal107



























The Apartment.

Duplex Apartments top 2 floors.

Large Kitchen Dinner + WC shower + 3 Large bedrooms + 3 balcony.


PVC Double Glazing + security door + central heating ready.


Top Floor.

This is the price YOU pay.

Quality built New Apartment.

A must SEE.

Location: Fethiye

code Fet 124

110m2 large.
















The Apartment.

Open plan kitchen dinner + WC and a WC shower + 2 bedrooms with balconies.

2 Med size bedrooms + very large WC shower, with room for a bath in needed. + balcony on 1 of the bedrooms.


Off road parking.

Prices on request due to exchange rate varying.

E-mail for Price.

Top Floor Duplex.



Location: Fethiye.

code Fet 72














  The Apartment.

1st floor.

Large open plan kitchen dinner + separate WC + WC shower + 3 bedrooms 1 on-suit.


Double glazing + shared garden 466m2 + lots of balconies + air con ready.


This is the price YOU pay.


Location: Fethiye

code Fet 05

Apartment size is 140m2.


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