The Villa.

First Floor:  Mid size kitchen + living room + Bath shower + wc + veranda.

Second Floor:  1Mid size bedroom + 1 Large bedroom + Balcony.

On the land there is a shared swimming pool between the 2 villas, the villa has fittings ready for air condition.


Beautiful views over Uzumlu area.

Extra Information this property has just had very nice iron bars put all around the down stairs windows and doors for security.


Location: Uzumlu

code Uzuml 33











The Villa.

First Floor:

65 mtrs sq

Second Floor:

65 mtrs sq



swimming pool,



E-mail for price please


More information to follow




Location: Uzumlu

code Uzuml 34










2 lots of land, both 1088 m2 Sq.

Building for 15% or 3 Villas.

This land has road access.



Location: Calis

code Cal 53








Land in Uzumlu with 5% building the size is 4000 m2 Sq.

This property has water and electricity connected also a well is near by.

There is road access to the land and the village is with in walking distance.



Location: Uzumlu

code Uzuml 58






















Land in Uzumlu

The land is 1500mrs2

This land has road access and is within walking distance of the village.



Land for sale in UZUMLU, this plot is 1500Mtrs2

There is only 1 name on the deed so it would be easy to do a transfer

from the owner to your self.

Location: Uzumlu

code Uzuml 62













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