Opportunity 1



Is This The Opportunity For YOU!





what the deal is:

Running of a small Complex in between Ovacik and Hisaronu all that you need to do is PAY the current owner 20.000 per year, you will then be able to run the small Complex i.e. 12 Apartments from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom, also there is a Large swimming pool out side with a Bar and a small Restaurant, there are also 8 New Apartments that are just being sold once they are sold you can charge 250 per year per Apartment for maintenance fee's for the use of the swimming pool and other facilities that are there.

The current owner will be at hand to help you at any time with information and where necessary to guide you on the running of this Business and to help in any way he can.

You can Rent the 12 Apartment out to normal customers per day, per week, per month, or even do long term letting of the Apartment it's down to you. What ever you would like to do there will be some one to help in what ever way they can.

Everything will be above board with contracts and Lawyer to make the deal as safe and profitable to both parties.

All out going of the Business will be down to you from paying bills to wages of any staff you employ and if you get stuck at all the owner will be there to give advice to you on the best way's to help YOU do things with out problems.

At this time we are renting the Apartments out and I have included the link to the webpage so you can have a look at some of the pictures of the properties.

URL: http://www.classicestates.co.uk/website/RENT.htm

The Complex with some pictures are at the bottom of the page.

Please feel free to e-mail and ask any question you may been answering.

A rough figure for the renting of the Apartment with maintenance fee's for 1 year with out Bar and Restaurant revenue included are about 26.000 to 30.000 per year, this is just a rough figure.



Location: Hisaronu

code 10


Opportunity 2















Is This The Opportunity For YOU!

Price £165.000

Near Letonia Complex

Could this be the opportunity for YOU, we have for Sale a piece of land 2056 Sq Mtrs, This property can only be used for Tourism use only, it has got Planning Permission to build a Restaurant on there so far.

You have access to the sea and also access from the road, water is already on site and electric is not far from the property.

You can also use the land for Camping, build Timber and stone chalet anything to bring Tourism to the bay.

Now down to the best part of this deal, once you have bought the land you can then RENT anything from between 9000 Sq mtrs or more of forest land for up to 48 years but you must pay a small amount of RENT for the use of the land per year, which we have been informed is not much you can then build your self a small or large Holiday Complex on the extra land you RENT.

For more information e-mail call or just come in to our office in Fethiye and see us.


Location: Fethiye

code 83













Opportunity 3


Is This The Opportunity For YOU!



What we are looking for is an interested party Company or individual’s that are interested in getting into the Turkish market in any way i.e. Franchise Company.

Our company is NEW we have just started but we have everything going for us, we can do almost anything here in Turkey i.e. selling buying transporting we just have to get the relevant documents from the relevant Government Departments.

So what can YOU do for US and what can WE do for YOU, you may ask we are here to give you a helping hand, we have the Company up and running so we could start to do Business straight away depending on your needs and criteria?

If you would like to talk or even get more information from us please e-mail phone or even come in to the office and have a chat with us.

When Phoning or asking for Information

Please ask for:- Tel in Turkey

Robert Powell 05374377786 or 0090 252 6140047


Cumhuriyet Caddesi 95 Sokak

No: 75







This property is 54.000m2 but infact you have 37.600m2 of Island.

The Island is in KISTAK ADASI Near to Bodrum.

with the Island you get a 2 story house which is 240m2 down stairs and 240m2 upstairs, there is also a generator for the Building.

There are fantastic views with this property, for this kind of DEAL it is a must see.

There are many pages of information of this property, too much to put on the web site so please ask for the details and we will send them

to you, but they will need to be translated into English.


This is the price you Pay.


The property is 10206m2 land with beach frontage, there is a 49 year lease if you wanted to rent the complex or you can buy the property and everything

on the complex for 1.648.000 Euros This is the price you Pay.

There are many pages of information of this property, too much to put on the web site so please ask for the details and we will send them

to you, but they will need to be translated into English

Please e-mail for any information on any of the DEALS we have.

We are looking for a Select Few Companies in Europe who would like to sell exquisite Ceramics and Glass with us, we will give a competitive price to the right Company who purchases our Ceramics and Glass then ship them out to were ever they are needed.

 On sale of the Ceramics and Glass the profit made will be yours, we have a very large selection of our products already on our web site but we have new PRODUCTS every few months from different artists, if you would like a distinctive personal item made we can also provide this in what ever quantity you require, but as it is a unique hand made item the time taken will be long. so all you need to do is make the order and payment plus shipping, it will then be send by CARGO to your address.

We can get these products and more from our friends here in Turkey, so if you are looking for that unusual and 1 off product that is a gift for life, we have them here ready to be shipped to you.

For more information or to make a order:-

E-mail: sales@classicestates.co.uk

call us Tel/Fax 0090 2526140047 / 0090 2526140047

Ask for Robert or Messut.

For information.